Arik Simonsen has lived in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years and has a unique combination of experience that differentiates him from average realtors.  He has two bachelor degrees from the University of South Florida and began his tenure in the real estate market in the late 1990’s by purchasing, renovating, and selling properties.  He then obtained his real estate license and mortgage broker license, helping other people achieve their goals of owning real estate.  Arik also held a leadership position at a multi-billion dollar company where he had over twenty employees. Arik is certified in Karrass Negotiation and Prosci Change Management methodologies.  This combination of education, real estate, construction, and leadership experience gives Arik a large competitive edge over other realtors, earning him very loyal clients and 5-star reviews.  He has developed a level of attention to detail and quality that luxury home sellers and buyers have come to rely on.  Whether you are thinking about buying or selling, Arik’s strategies will ensure you achieve a successful outcome!